What is internet marketing

Internet marketing includes creating a web site and the following types of marketing: article, blog, search engine optimization (SEO), advertising, banner advertisment, social media and mobile. Some definitions are provided below:

Article marketing- developing articles in the web pages.

Blog marketing – developing  blogs for viewers to chat and ask questions.

Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing – increasing traffic and rank of the website in search engines.

Advertising marketing- designing  advertisments so people will know about the website and how it relates to their needs. This can include: emailing the advertisement to viewers, creating video advertisements for TV or YouTube, creating advertisement for print or transit media.

Banner advertisement marketing – charging a display fee for other company advertisments.

Sales marketing – displaying product information, changing product price and information, selling products online, creating a sales report and payment system.

Social media marketing- creating social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Mobile marketing – designing websites specifically for mobiles.